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Every company will be a fintech. We will build it for you.

Issue cards & become a neobank. RedCarpet will take care of building the business model, debt capital, collections, operations, customer service

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Build your own "Apple Card"

White-labeled cards, SDK, apps & websites. Heavy lifting done by RedCarpet.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 class SampleApplication : Application() { lateinit var sdk: RedCpt private set override fun onCreate() { super.onCreate() sdk = RedCpt.init(this, "<API KEY>") } }

Not just an API

Built to handle everything - including collections, underwriting, accounting & reconciliation.

Banks, NBFC, VISA, Mastercard, Rupay, UPI

We will bring the ecosystem to you. Including capital from lending institutions to you. RedCarpet runs everything.

Analytics first

Our ledger allows you to drill down and see the history of any user in real-time. Useful to answer questions like 'What was this user's behavior around this time last year?'. Your marketing teams will love it.

Compliance by Design

Track things like taxes, loan balances and liabilities in real-time, updated inline with payments. You dont worry about compliance/regulations

Become Fintech. Monetize Customers.

If you are a Bank or Lender...

Get access to high quality customers who shop at popular brands, edtechs, sports labels

Risk adjusted & contained

Build the policy together. Use data from brands transparently to access new-to-credit-card customers.

Tap into sticky & high-frequency usecases

Choice of brands to capture share of wallet. Get sticky & high frequency shopping customers from these brands. Drop cost of acquisition.

Compliance, KYC, Collections taken care of

Redcarpet handles all the sensitive information and provides SDKs while staying compliant with heavy duty data localization, KYC/CKYC, collections & legal compliance. We integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Trust at scale. Tested.

Fintech is hard. Financial operations, credit and compliance is harder. We would know.

COVID proof

Redcarpet has been tested through one of the harshest downcycles and helped all their partners come through successfully through the govt-imposed moratorium.

Scale proof

We already work with multiple banks and large partners and have processed several hundred crores in the past year.

RBI & Google Play guidelines proof

Redcarpet is verified to be compliant with both RBI and Google Play guidelines on digital lending

Product proof

Our ledger powers a diverse product range - including BNPL cards, credit builder cards, Employee Wage Access cards, small business charge cards, etc


Backed by industry leaders

Lightspeed IndiaY Combinator

Justin Kan

Partners from

Icici BankSbm BankDmi Finance

SME Startup GimBooks Launches a Card With RedCarpet

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“We at GimBooks are very excited about this partnership with RedCarpet, as it will enable our users to get access to credit in a short span of time with minimal documents, which in turn will ultimately help our merchants with more flexible working capital to fulfil their purchase requirements."

Yash Raj Agarwal

Founder & CEO, GimBooks


Better risk by design

KYC & credit-scoring pre-integrated in the SDK. We take care of risk & collections.

RedCarpet will use your data to pre-approve your best customers. Reducing risk & increasing revenue


The SDK for all your needs!

Everything that you could need is taken care of. And in case you need something extra, you have our API

Customer Onboarding SDK

Onboard the user by fetching personal details and their documents. KYC, mobile number verification, aadhaar verification, de-duplication, etc are built-in.

Card Management SDK

Issue card to users, set pin, fetch card details & limit, block/unblock on user’s request, set daily usage limits and much more.

Money Management SDK

Fetch card statement, previous bills, pending dues, payment schedule and more.

Collections SDK

Provides an easy way for users to pay their pending dues. All major payment methods are available including UPI and NACH. Reminders & collections escalation is taken care of.

Insurance (coming soon)

Start issuing insurance to your customers. Credit Card data is the most important factor in determining insurance rates for your customers. Give them multiple reasons to stick with you.

Insurance (coming soon)


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